Gaming4Humanity 2019 will support Bangladesh

water scarcity issue with the project Bangladesh

Water Wells for communities. To put it simple, due to Bangladesh geographical characteristic, it is very

hard for the people to access safe water and be aware

of hygiene and sanitation practices. The poor socioeconomic

condition of the people makes it very hard to install

safe water facility for the community

This is one of the well that we will build.
We are trying our best to built a safe long and
term water well. Almost 43 000 die every year
due to arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh. Arsenic
poisoning causes diarhea, cholera and water-borne
disease. If an individual consistently consume unsafe
water, they are highly prone to acquire liver cancer,
kidney cancer and heart disease. This is why the
well that we are going to build will have a very strict
arsenic testing procedure to determine the water is safe.
Ramecha Begum is a forty (40) years old woman living
in the district of Madhupur, Tangail. She has two
daughters age 9 and 11 years old.  Ramecha Begum was
born in a poor family. Her husband was a day labour and
unfortunately one day her husband falls in accident
and lost his walking capacity. All savings had been used for
treatment purpose of her husband. Her husband could not
work to maintain the family. To maintain he family, she started
to work as a day labour. Ramecha Begum has no ability to
set up a tube-well to access a safe drinking water. Every day
she carries a huge water container to collect water
for her daily activities. She spent huge time and energy
collecting water from a nearby mosque. During the dry season
water level goes down and collection of water from Tube-Well
becomes more difficult. With collections collected last year,
Ramecha Begum now has a well accessible in her area.
However there are many more Ramecha in need
of the well in their area and inspire the project this year.
The Bangladesh Water Wells
for Families will help build 100 units shallow tube wells
and 32 unites deep tube wells as well as increase
the sanitation and hygiene practices through the funds
collected with the help from team Islamic Relief
Malaysia and Islamic Relief Bangladesh.